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HOW TO POST YOUR EVENT on the WhatsHappeningDurango.com website, it’s free!

WhatsHappeningDurango.com is a local calendar that allows for you to promote your event… all in one place, resulting in more exposure for your event which equals more success!

How can you post your event?

Go to the upper right hand of the website WhatsHappeningDurango.com and choose ADD YOUR EVENT to get started. You will then create an account that you can use in the future to manage your event!

Here are some great benefits that come with your FREE event post.

YOUR event will be listed on BID's event calendar page and will be considered for several FREE PR opportunities that BID has year-round, including radio, BID’s weekly E-newsletter sent to over 1,500 subscribers, and BID's social media outlets.

YOUR event will be considered for BID’s seasonal marketing campaigns. Over 60 events will be included in each seasonal campaign with 150 posters and 5,000 flyers distributed throughout Durango.

YOUR event will scroll on the front window display screens at the Durango Welcome Center the week of the event.

YOUR event will be accessible through the kiosk inside the Durango Welcome Center and if selling tickets for your event, they can conveniently buy and print their ticket right there!

YOUR event can be easily viewed on mobile devices.

YOUR event will get additional exposure on various websites around town.

YOUR event will be sent in a WhatsHappeningDurango.com Weekly Event Alert email to nearly 3,000 subscribed users and can be promoted on the WhatsHapeningDurango.com Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Calendar courtesy of WhatsHappeningDurango.com

For more information visit WhatsHappeningDurango.com, call 970-749-9483 or email the WhatsHappeningDurango.com team

Interested in having our community calendar on YOUR website!? It’s easy, contact us for more information at 970-749-9483.

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