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La Plata Youth Services
Supports and advocates for youth facing challenges in school, home, or court.
Business Info:
(970) 385-4440
2490 Main Ave.
North Main (1400 Main and north)

Since 1994, La Plata Youth Services (LPYS) has worked with youth experiencing challenges at home, in school, and with court involvement by providing them with the support and services they need. Youth enter our doors when referred by juvenile justice to our diversion program or by schools to our truancy program. We will also consider parent referrals. Our programs include: Assessment, Individualized Case Management, Restorative Justice/Mediation, Substance Abuse Group Counseling and other Teen-Centered Groups, Service learning, Pro-Social Activities, Summer Programs, Parent Coaching, and Therapeutic Mentorship.

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Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Holidays and the 9-R School District schedule may affect these hours.

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