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Pathways Physical Therapy & Holistic Health
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Business Info:
(970) 985-2416
2243 Main Avenue
Suite 1B
North Main (1400 Main and north)

Pathways Physical Therapy and Holistic Health is committed to supporting our community's health and wellbeing through these uncertain times. We understand the financial strain placed on many and want to support you in maintaining your physical and mental health as a priority. It will benefit all of us. We are offering 4 FREE Online/Virtual appointments for Physical Therapy, Wellness Coaching or Mindfulness Coaching every week for those in need financially due to the recent changes, yet still needing care or are unable to leave their homes due to needing to be in isolation. We will offer more as we are able. 

We are also offering 30% off all regular virtual/online appointments for Physical Therapy and Wellness Coaching and 30-minute consults are just $20. Mindfulness Coaching will be offered on a donation basis as long as needed. A 4-week Online Mindfulness class will also be offered regularly and no one will be turned away due to finances. Contact us for details and how to participate. Please don't let these current circumstances keep you from taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing. Connecting with a healthcare professional online can be a safe lifeline to your navigation through these times. We can provide much education and guidance virtually to help with pain control, injury recovery, pregnancy, and postpartum care and mental wellbeing through mindfulness. 

We can be reached at, 970-985-2416, 408-806-3177.

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