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Fired Up Pizzeria
Wood fired authentic artisan neapolitan pizza
Business Info:
(970) 247-0264
735 Main Avenue
700 block of Main

Fired Up Pizzeria is dedicated to the ingredients, quality and traditional methods of producing authentic Neapolitan pizza. Our pizzas are created with handmade dough, fresh mozzarella, and hand crushed tomato sauce. We focus on using high quality imported and local ingredients needed to produce a great pizza and support a great community. We do this with the conviction that when you pour your heart and soul into what you love, excellence can be achieved. Come and enjoy.

Come to our Main Ave location, in stunning Durango, Colorado for a salad, appetizer, beer, wine and of course, our pizza. 


Our mobile wood oven is available for events and parties.  Please email Tad at for menu, pricing, and availability.

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