downtown durango
Diamond Belle Saloon
Belly Up At The Belle
Business Info:
(970) 375-7150
699 Main Avenue
600 block of Main

If you're standing in the Diamond Belle Saloon, located in Durango, Colorado, you just may have stepped back in time. Revered as one of the most famous original ragtime piano bars in the Wild West, the Belle plays host to the world's finest ragtime entertainers, while costumed dance hall girls and bartenders transport you back to the turn of the last century. During summer you can watch the Old West come alive as cowboys, and sometimes the saloon ladies, battle it out in the streets in downtown Durango with good old fashion gunfights.

The Belle serves a wide variety of delicious lunch, happy hour, and dinner foods throughout the day. Enjoy handcrafted mixed drinks and a full wine menue. Come join the fun and sing-along with us, and remember to take advantage of our Happy Hour from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm Monday-Friday!

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