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Louisa's Movie House
Movie rentals for $1.25 per night!
Business Info:
(970) 259-3315
24A Town Plaza
Town Plaza

Movie Rentals for $1.25 per night! Durango's last remaining and super stellar independent video store in now located downtown in Town Plaza by South City Market. Louisa's Movie House has more 5,000 titles, including Blu-ray and 3D titles. You don't have to scroll through a faceless computer screen or wait in line at an unfriendly kiosk..come walk through the aisles at Louisa's and talk with our friendly cinema savvy staff. Check out a DVD or Blu-ray disc tonight for the quality audio and video film experience that your television was designed to deliver. Quality, fun entertainment is waiting for you at Louisa's!

Hours: 10am-9pm Monday thru Saturday   11am-7pm Sunday

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