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i Am Music Institute
Empowering Music, Education and a network for professional musicians
Business Info:
(970) 799-7450
1315 Main Avenue Suite 207
1300 block of Main

iAM MUSIC is not an afterschool program, it's a lifestyle.  


All instructors are professional, touring musicians who have a shared vision of spreading knowledge gained in the thousands of hours of real-time performance experience.


Our passion and profession connects us with all levels of musicians and artists creating a synergistic energy that inspires us to pursue a musical career coupled with a calling to educate.


We believe quality, progressive music education is valuable for personal development; building confidence, creating new ways to communicate and shaping character.  


iAM MUSIC instructors find balance in traveling and educating, to maintain a passionate teaching experience.


We are dedicated to providing an educational environment that remains vibrant and insightful to every individual at any age or skill level.